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Check out some of our customer reviews. Everyone is much happier with a cat from Pixie Stixs Cattery. Customer statisfaction is kept at the most high importance with us. We want you 100% satsified with the new addition to you family.

Gloria Maxwell

08/30/2023, 15:32

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My daughter got her Devon Rex kitten in 2022 from Shannon! I met and fell in love with Piper! She is such a sweet kitty! I finally let my daughter talk me into my own kitten! I have had Button for two weeks! She is the perfect kitten for me! So sweet and had no trouble adjusting to our schedule! Shannon has been so helpful with the whole process . Always sending pictures and videos! Then letting me know how the kitten was progressing! She is the perfect person for taking care of these kittens! Thank you, Shannon for helping me get the perfect kitten!!I could not be happier!!

Jenna Avery

06/02/2023, 17:47

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I've had two kittens from Shannon and honestly, I am beyond impressed. If I could give a thousand stars, I would. Pixie Stixs kittens are the kind of kittens that encompass what makes people love cats. I genuinely pity people that have anti-social fearful cats—Pixie Stixs cats know no fear. My kittens come from different litters, but their fearlessness, friendliness, and intelligence are unparalleled. The only thing they get fussy about is not being able to spend more time in the backyard, if they don't get enough snacks, and, according to Soup, if we haven't had enough cuddle time.

I know it's hard to find non-scammy breeders on Google. I almost fell for a few before Shannon. But she embodies what a good breeder should be: health testing, spaying/neutering, socializing, and a copious amount of supplies in her to-go care package. I've picked up two kittens at the Atlanta airport and she's always on time and waiting for me.

I already want a third and I got my second kitten two weeks ago. Gods help me, I might put Shannon's fam through college.


03/07/2023, 11:25

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We are so in love with our Teddy Devon Rex that I can’t even describe how much love and fun she’s brought to our family. Every day is a joyous adventure with her and I know for a fact it’s because of the amazing cattery she came from and the even more amazing breeder. Shannon, we just can’t thank you enough!! ❤️❤️❤️

Vickie Dannenberger

01/17/2023, 19:50

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We received our baby girl and she is perfect. Shannon was extremely helpful. Shannon had this little girl available and I did not hesitate to put my deposit down. Sasha is beautiful, energetic and lovable. She is just what we needed to add to our family. I would definitely recommend Shannon as an excellent breeder with quality kittens She just goes above and beyond to make your whole experience pleasant and easy

Ray Barnard

08/30/2022, 15:12

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Having had 3 Devon Rex cats in the past, all raised from kittens, we are amazed at how well socialized the TWO we just got from Shannon are. They have no fear, play like they have unlimited energy, instantly fall asleep in our laps when playtime is over, and love to be picked up and held. They did great on a 10 hour car ride home with no crying. They would play with a toy until exhausted and then fall asleep in my wife's lap. A couple hours later, rinse and repeat. Once we made it home, they adapted to our house instantly with no separation anxiety at all. They sleep through the night in our bed without making a peep. It's obvious that Shannon gives her kittens A LOT of attention and that is important for having a well adjusted cat! Thank you, thank you, thank you. We can't recommend Pixie Stixs Cattery enough. Get one or more kittens from Shannon and you will not be disappointed!!


04/04/2022, 20:30

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After a ton of research I some how stumbled upon Pixie Stixs Cattery and I couldn't be happier! I sent an email requesting information and Shannon answered within the same day. She was very kind and wasn't at all annoyed by my many questions. I quickly added myself to the waiting list and then kept in contact with her throughout the time that new litters were born. When I asked to facetime in order to see the kittens, there was no hesitation at all. I was able to speak with Shannon directly and see the kittens at the same time. Once I picked our little girl, she did an awesome job of sending weekly pics and videos to keep us updated. All of the contract paperwork was official and comforting for both parties involved. Pick up was seamless and it was awesome to be able to see the mama cat and meet Shannon in person. It's very evident that these cats and kittens are part of her family and receive the absolute best care. Shannon is awesome and gave us the best new family member that we are all in love with. Even after coming home with her, Shannon has continually checked in with me to make sure our baby is healthy, happy and adjusting. Simply couldn't have asked for a better person and Cattery to do business with! If you are looking for a Devon Rex that is healthy, happy and loved then look no further than Pixie Stixs Cattery!


01/30/2022, 12:47

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If your looking for a cat look no further than Pixie stix Cattery!! My daughter has wanted a cat for so long and after doing some research I found Shannon! She answered every question I had and gave us so much information and help!! Our kitten is the absolute sweetest and she is so smart! You can tell within minutes how much time and love Shannon puts in to her cats!! We can't wait to get another kitten from her hopefully very soon ????????????

Joan Keeney

01/08/2022, 8:05

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I highly recommend buying a cat from Pixie Stixs Cattery. If your looking for a trustworthy, knowledgeable breeder who truly cares about the cat's and kittens she raises...look no further. You are guaranteed a healthy, socialized and loving kitten to add to your family. And let's not forget about personally...OMG..her cats are unique and funny and such a joy to own! I personally own one of her cats and what a character...super, super sweet and makes me laugh everyday. Please consider buying a kitten from Pixie Stixs...you will not be disappointed..I guarantee!


01/07/2022, 10:44

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Shannon's cattery is such a great set up. She puts so much love and care into these animals and their surroundings. The cattery is cleaned and sanitized multiples times each and every day. The cats are loved on, cared for and played with all day, every day. I would highly recommend Shannon's cattery to anyone who is looking to add a fur baby to their family. Pixie Stixs Cattery is AMAZING!


01/06/2022, 9:59

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Shannon is the best!! Her knowledge and expertise is outstanding and her dedication to the cats is incredible. I became a cat lover because of her. The cats are definitely well loved and cared for so by the time you receive them it is a easy transition. It was a very amazing experience and hope to do it again!!


01/03/2022, 20:39

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Having personally visited Shannon at her cattery I was impressed by its innovative organization, warmth, and cleanliness. Subsequently I purchased two Devon darlings who came to me in perfect health and temperament. Not surprising given Shannon's extensive veterinary background. Shannon is generous with her knowledge, very fair with pricing and services; and is of the utmost trustworthiness!

Julie Noland

01/03/2022, 20:20

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I have received one cat from this cattery. Healthy and a wonderful personality. He had received personal attention as a kitten, therefore the loving disposition. This breeder is very conscious of her breeding and strives to provide healthy, quality cats. So much so I am on her list to purchase another.


01/03/2022, 19:48

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I have witnessed the absolute love Shannon puts into her little gems. The quality of care is top notch. She spends time with each kitten, giving them hands on care and play time. I believe that is what gives them the great personalities that they have. Her Cattery is cleaned and sanitized throughout each day. Pixie Stixs is the cattery you need to contact for the next addition to your family

Ginny Shafer

01/03/2022, 18:59

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Pixie Stixs Cattery has produced nothing but first class service and kittens. I've had many dealings with Shannon and have personally visited her cattery. It's nothing less then first class with some of the prettiest kittens you can ask for. Shannon pours nothing but love into her litters and her kittens do the same in return. Shannon (Pixie Stixs) is as an awesome trustworthy breeder, especially if you are looking for something special.

Tanya Bickham

01/03/2022, 15:55

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Best cattery in the Southeast! Shannon's veterinary knowledge and experience makes the quality of her cats shine. Her cattery is clean and well maintained. From first contact, Shannon is professional and committed to helping you find just the right cat. She's awesome about sending you updates, photos and videos of your cat until it's time to pick them up, and she's phenomenal when it comes to follow up. She's with you every step of the way to make sure you are happy with your new cat. I have 4 of her cats and couldn't be happier!

Tee Sampson

01/03/2022, 15:53

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We cannot sing enough praises about Shannon. Our first baby, Phoenix, stole our hearts at the first meow! It was at that moment I knew(my wife took some convincing) that we would add another kitty cutie in our home. Now we have Friday and they are the joys of our day. From start, Shannon is just a call away! She is family now and we are so thankful for our two little Devon terrors...I mean..angels


01/03/2022, 15:29

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I highly highly recommend! Shannon is an amazing breeder with years of veterinary experience that provides a healthy and loving home to all the kitties. Each kitten is given tons of love and attention prior to going to their new homes which translates into the snuggliest and most lovable kittens. She's quick to answer questions and very knowledgeable. If you're looking for a kitten definitely send a message and check out who's available and who's coming soon because you'll be making a great decision.

Krystal Hipps

01/03/2022, 15:14

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We are absolutely in love with our Helga. Shannon was so kind, kept us updated, she sent pictures and videos of our baby girl. Shannon even gave us a bag full of gifts to take home when we picked up our baby girl. We couldn't have asked for a more caring family to purchase our Helga from!!!!! I would 1,000 times recommend Pixie Stixs Cattery such great people to work with!!!!!


01/03/2022, 11:58

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Was very nice and very good keeping in contact sending pics and videos weekly to keep me posted on my kitten. Met me at airport to bring kitten since I had an immediate flight back home. I rent, so I'm limited to the number of cats I can have, but I would definitely get another from here if I could.

Tara Blake

01/02/2022, 21:21

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Excellent Cattery, very clean. Shannon was wonderful and kept us informed of our kitten's progress. She is very knowledgeable and answered any questions we had along the way. Great experience and our baby has a sweet personality and he is so fun! We are already thinking of adding another one to the family! Thank you Shannon!

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